Why Choose Varsity All Star Fashion

Our rich heritage in cheerleading, coupled with our experienced fashion designers and specialists are a winning combination for All Star. We create extraordinary fashion collections– reflective of your unique gym branding, using the finest in technical fabrics and Swarovski crystals.


We Understand the All Star Athlete

Our team of designers and specialists are former athletes, coaches, choreographers, judges and gym owners. We understand designing and creating styles specifically for the needs of the All Star athlete.

Our American company has defined cheerleading for generations, and we take pride knowing that when you walk off the mat, we both have given it our all.

Contact My Fashion Specialist

Contact My Fashion Specialist


We Set the Trend

Designed for those with bold fashion ideas and extraordinary style.  The combination of our innovative history and talented designers, in collaboration with you create the most cutting edge all star fashion styles, specifically for your gym.  Our trendsetting uniforms, warm-ups and practicewear are fashion forward and designed to be functional for the specific needs of the all star athlete.


Design Process

Our highly skilled and knowledgeable design team demonstrates a strong awareness of the specific fashion needs of the all star athlete. The Varsity All Star Fashion team works closely with you to ensure your specific gym branding, as well as the most up-to-date trends, are reflected in the designs we produce for your gym.

What Gym Owners Are Saying

"'I am PROUD that all eight PCM locations wear Varsity apparel, uniforms and shoes. The attention, hard work and continued personal & business relations we receive from our reps and designers at Varsity All Star Fashion is above all in professionalism. We are PROUD TO BE A VARSITY BRAND year after year.'" Kellie E. ElliottPacific Coast MAGIC
"'Our experience with Varsity All Star Fashion has been first class. From our Varsity All Star specialist, to the design team, and in production, the process has been flawless. Thank you Varsity for our beautiful uniforms, practice wear, warm ups, backpacks, and most importantly our custom shoes. You truly are the best in the business!'" Sean TimmonsPremier Athletics
"'No one does it better than Varsity All Star Fashion, from the most innovative designs to the best customer service. They have never let me down!'" Aimee NicewarnerPittsburgh Superstars

See Varsity All Star Fashion in Action


Together We’re Stronger

The combination of our innovative history and talented designers, implementing the latest trends and innovations, create the perfect mix of fashion-inspired elements and functional athleticism to meet the needs of the all star athlete.

Mar. 26, 2018

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See Your Team Sparkle

Contact your sales professional for all the ordering details, pricing and to create your own style of All Star Fashion.

Contact My Fashion Specialist

Contact My Fashion Specialist

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